After years of development, GAC Motor has become a practitioner of innovation and transformation among Chinese automobile brands and the leader in smart manufacturing. GAC is currently building a smart manufacturing system to maximize the value of the entire industrial chain.

Take GAC Motor Production Line II as an example. With persistence in its development philosophy "innovative, coordinated, eco-friendly, open and sharing", GAC has integrated global advantages and resources. It relies on the SSC principle, which significantly enhances efficiency and reduces costs effectively without prejudice to quality by process optimization and reengineering and through innovation in the modes of production and organization. The smart Production Line is highly flexible and intelligent, which ensures the world-class product quality of GAC Motor.


In the future, GAC Motor will establish a cyber-physical system (CPS) centered on the GAC mode of production to further develop its smart manufacturing technology, build a smart factory and enhance smart manufacturing and smart logistics levels.


GAC Motor has built a global R&D network with GAC Research Institute as its center, supported by GAC Motor Technology Center, to create a unique identity for and establish the core competitiveness of series products. Through the integration of global resources, GAC has established the first overseas R&D center in Silicon Valley and leveraged both domestic and foreign resources for R&D to master the key technologies in platform technology, engines, transmissions and powertrains to continuously consolidate its technological system advantages. Based on the extensive application of GAC Cross-Platform Modular Architecture (G-CPMA), it has launched a number of projects for the development of engines, transmissions, battery systems, electromechanical coupling systems and other core systems/components, and established independent development capabilities dominant in 3 models and several engines, transmissions and other core components. It has also set up G and GS engine platforms and developed a G-MC electromechanical coupling system, enabling several driving modes including pure electric, extended range and hybrid. It has made a major breakthrough in core new energy technologies, built a proprietary fundamental software platform for automotive electronics (XCU) and obtained independent development and production capabilities for powertrain-level automotive electronic components and hardware. GAC Research Institute ranks 10th among the country's 1100 research institutes and ranks top in the industry.

R & D Engineer
Wang Qiujing
Deputy Director of Executive Committee of GAC Group, President of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute
  • Engine

    Leading power assembly technology


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    Advanced technology and intelligent system


In powertrain,GAC Group exhibited a self-developed third-generation 1.0TGDI three-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine with turbocharger, overhead 350bar direct injection, variable intake and exhaust valve timing, timing silent chain drive, roller rocker hydraulic tappet, cylinder head integrated exhaust manifold, electric variable displacement oil pump, efficient thermal management system and other advanced technologies, and equipped with 48V start-stop motor. The engine has strong power, low fuel consumption rate, good low-speed torque and transient response performance.

The other engine, based on the GAC auto GS Platform, self-developed second generation of engine 1.5TGDI, adopting GAC GCCS Combustion control patented technology, direct injection in cylinder, low inertia turbo pressurization, variable valve timing, electronically controlled variable displacement oil pump, roller rocker ARM hydraulic tappet, timing mute chain drive and other advanced technologies, and equipped with the second generation engine automatic START-STOP system. Its main performance leads among the same type engines.


In the field of intelligent networking system, the second-generation driverless vehicle, WitStar II, self-developed by GAC Group, taking GAC MOTOR GE3 as platform, was newly unveiled. Euqipped with 64-line laser radar, 360-degree panoramic camera, 77G millimeter wave radar and other high-precision sensors, as well as self-developed intelligent traffic scene awareness, autonomous driving behavior decision-making, low latency intelligent control and other related technologies for multi-traffic scenarios, WitStar II initially realized the L4 level intelligent driving.


In addition to driverless drving, GAC brought its latest strategic cooperation achievements in the field of intelligent networking. Through the cooperation with iFLYTEK, GAC MOTOR intelligent voice control system has realized the voice control of vehicle engine, wiper, skylight, window, headlight, air conditioner, seat, hatchback and so on. Through the deep cooperation with Tencent, GAC took the lead in realizing the launch of “WeChat on vehicle”, enabling users to send and receive WeChat messages safely and conveniently via voice control, to bring a new experience of intelligent user-to-car interaction.