Cooperation in Chassis Tuning with Famous Manufacturers & Proving Grounds

GAC Engineering has worked with world famous partners many times in thorough and complete chassis performance optimization. Joint effort was also made in testing and tuning in different road conditions and/or under various temperatures on major proving grounds home and abroad.

Production system

Consisting of the world-class 6-bar servo presses and 8-bar mechanical presses as well as rotating 7-axle AGVs and straight 7-axle AGVs, the two automatic production lines ensure high-quality and high-precision Pressing of complex workpieces.


The welding workshop comprises five main production lines, i.e. floor assembly, auto body assembly, body side assembly, assembling and 4 doors and 2 covers. It adopts the world-class NC-locator, CNCservo rapid rolling technology, and Robot team technology (multi-robot cooperation technology). These diversified, flexible and small-batch production lines provide five-star safety guarantee for GAC Motor production, down to every minute detail.


The painting workshop encompasses the processes of pretreatment electrophoresis, sealant, floating coat, setting paint and inspection process, using safe and environmentally friendly water-based paint. Advanced 16-section rectification technology is adopted for the electrophoresis process, which guarantees that vehicles meet the 10-year corrosion prevention standard. In addition, robot spray painting is employed for the internal plates, which improves spraying efficiency by 15%, realizes 10% energy conservation and reduces VOC emission by approximately 13%.


Consisting of motor and gearbox production line, GAC Motor’s powertrain plant organizes production according to vehicle order, with BEOL (the back-end-of-line) driving FEOL (the front-end-of-line). The powertrain plant adopts the world’s most advanced, high-precision production facility and rigorous inspection standards, all for the sake of ensuring that each motor that comes off the line is well-built with premium quality.


Through 5 static mandatory testing and side-slip measurements, i.e. four-wheel aligner, headlamp aligner, chassis dynamometer, braking force test stand and vehicle lamp testing, the vehicle testing line guarantees the function and safety of every vehicle before delivery.


The main conveying lines adopt a four-fold-line five-function process layout that allows maximum use of space. World-class equipment is utilized for key processes, which, combined with GAC Motor’s unique production mode, enables multiple models to be produced on the same line and with internationally top-notch quality.

GAC Engineering has established a rigorous and well-organized automobile development management system with the vehicle design and development control program as its core components, major system standardization development process as an extension, and supported by standardization of management process in each stage of vehicle development. It has passed the examination of ISO9001 Quality Management System for certification review and approval.

GAC Engineering has established a rigorus and well-organized Automobile development management system with the vehicle Design and development control program as its core components, Major system standardization development process as an extension, And supported by standardization of management process in each stage Of vehicle development. It has passed the examination of ISO9001 Quality Management System for certification review and approval.

Excellent Research and Development Manageement System.
Vehicle design and development control process
Body design & development process Chassis design & development process Electronic design development process Power assembly design & development process Vehicle integration design & development process
Product test managementDesign target management
Trial product managementTechnical research management
Design approval managementDevelopment project management
Sample procurement managementProduct data release management
Customer demand identification and review
QC system

GAC Motor's original "GAC procurement methods" helps to achieve standardized supply chain management, with the strategic alliance to the world's top ten automotive suppliers, and to ensure product quality stability. In 2016, GAC MOTOR suppliers' parts non-performing ratio was 22ppm, much lower than the ratio of the other mainstream joint-venture brand suppliers in China.

Yu Jun, general manager of GAC Passenger Vehicle said that the core advantage of GAC MOTOR for making high-end breakthrough is outstanding quality and high-end manufacturing capability , with which to conquer the international market. By integrating global resources, using advanced technologies, with the wisdom of GAC Engineers, to independently design and integrate production lines. With global perspective, integrating resources from global suppliers and R & D institutions to build a global R & D network centered by GAC engineering Institute. GAC institute creates the unique characterize of the GAC MOTOR brand, to form the core competitiveness of GAC MOTOR series products. Creating a world-class intelligent factory driven by innovation , to take the lead in the automotive industry.


GAC MOTOR creates a stable quality control management mode with "Stop, Call and Wait, PDCA" as the core, "standardization, systematic, platform-based" as the basis, "quality as the basic concepts, process quality assurance, continuous improvement" as three vital elements, to ensure the quality system of GAC MOTOR achieves the quality consistency across years, platforms and vehicle types.

In order to ensure the quality and safety, GAC MOTOR established a stringent "6520" quality control system, carrying out "6 characteristic activities", taking the "5 Major Supervision " and "2 Screenings " as the main measures, to achieve "0 bad" goal, to provide consumers with high quality and cost-effective products.

"6 major characteristics activities" refers to: from the standardization of operations to the implementation of the end of the process, moving forward checkpoints to keep point of problem away from customers, pay attention to the management of changing points, quickly solve problems of customers, continuous improvement and innovation. The "five major supervision" mechanism is the supervision of suppliers, products, market service and system, as well as third party monitoring. Quality control department of GAC MOTOR monitors in the automotive pre-design, mid-term manufacturing and the latter part of the delivery process, to ensure offering customers best quality products. To ensure the quality, GAC MOTOR set 2 screenings as inlet and outlet. 0 "can be demonstrated in two aspects: one is GAC MOTOR comprehensively monitors the standardized production lines to ensure" 0 fault "during the operation for high efficiency and high quality producing ; another is with the" 652 " system plus production equipment "0 fault", GAC MOTOR will ensure that every car with high quality, which means "0 bad."

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